This was a wonderful experience and I will recommend it to those close to me as well as some of my clients.

The manner in which the course was presented etc was great. I enjoyed the variety of activities and also the sharing from the other participants. Good to hear other people not enjoying and giving me something as a reference point for my thinking.

Having given myself permission to place something important to myself as a priority was fantastic. I as a result of many of the mindful practice, was able to manage any anxiety and did not actually experience it at all until I stopped in the final week. Good to have seen how effective it actually is! Realizing that ONLY I block any form of self care is essential to continuing to give myself permission not as a luxury but rather as a necessity to be able to function at my best.

The mountain mediation for me was a changing point - the course gave me a sense of the possibility of my inner strength. I also learnt that as much as I think I have problems, people who I thought were more perfect than me, also had their own challenges. So we are all human and I must try to be more kind and gentle with myself.

Learnt to practice loving kindness on a regular basis is its own reward and increases self-esteem. Learnt that people are interesting, if I don't make prejudicial judgments.

I also appreciate the ordinariness of life. The magic of reality. And that other people are interesting. Less judgmental, more open-minded. Loving kindness towards others is much more rewarding, although it sounds cheesy. I have not mastered loving kindness to myself, yet, however. A long journey still to travel. 

Mindfulness is absolutely beneficial. It provides a new way of living which brings considerably more joy and fulfillment than any drug could. It is also a tool for life, enabling me to manage stress and difficult situations in a much more effective way.


Exceptionally professionally facilitated. Thank you so much to both of you for your warmth and dignity.


My whole disposition is actually a lot calmer and I listen with greater attention, without needing to necessarily respond.  I am also more tuned into my body, noticing more subtle feelings and inner processes and physiology that are happening in my body when I act compulsively or get stressed.I am aware that I need to practice acceptance of uncomfortable feelings rather than try to escape them. This is difficult for me but at least I am now becoming more aware of them and noticing them ...which is the first step...the one close in....the one you don't want to take!

I speak up and no longer suppress anything – I am more content with myself and attentive with my kids.

I am more in tune with my surroundings and the people around me.

I am able to identify my emotions and observe them.

It has taught me to become calmer and handle situations differently.

I am kinder to myself and look at a situation with an open mind.

I have learnt to take the time and spend it just sitting quietly with my breath – to listen to what's around me which helps with stressful situations.

I have learnt to be patient with myself and to slow down especially in my thoughts.

It was a privilege to learn from Mandy – simply because she is an incredibly talented teacher. "Doing" mindfulness makes a huge difference in how I get through difficult days.

I feel I am equipped to deal with my thoughts and feelings and by doing that will make me so much stronger and live easier.

I am learning to stop for a moment and reflect before responding with a little more calmness (and reason) than I might have done previously.

Thank you for your gentle mindful way of being and the respect with which you taught us a really special practice.