MBSR Course Details

Next Course: 25 JANUARY - 15 MARCH 2018

Eight weekly sessions, two and a half hours each time: 17h30 to 20h00
These will commence on Thursday 25 January 2018
There will be one full day session on Saturday after week 6: 08h30 to 16h30 (3 March)
The final session will be on Thursday 15 March 2018
We will begin promptly in order to close in time. Please arrive at 17h15 for the first session. 


Michael Oak Waldorf School in Kenilworth

 The full day session will be at a different venue.


R5500 (includes pre-course assessment, 28 hours of teaching time, compact discs for home practice, readings, refreshments) A non-refundable admin deposit of R1500 is due to secure your place after your pre-course assessment. The balance of fees is payable before the course commences.

Contact Dr Danielle Klemp about partial medical aid remuneration on danielleklemp@gmail.com





"The most valuable has been the constant practice and starting with just that each session. This instills a routine which I believe is invaluable once the course is done. It's just about getting that bottom on the ground.  In addition the sharing in a group has been very valuable. It's comforting to know that we all face our battles and that in the end a lot of it goes on in our minds.  Giving ourselves permission to just rest, and share our feelings with one another are just a few things that allow the mind to take break."

"I learnt a great deal during the course but most important and valuable to me was that I learnt to feel again.  I learnt to fall into my body for the first time since becoming an adult.  This was a profoundly painful but releasing experience.  It was wonderful.  I feel as if my heart opened again after being shut down due to stress.  The meditation practice enabled me to get a glimpse of what is possible if I allow this to happen. It has given me a taste of how the meditation skills can enable this to happen. It gives me an interior expansiveness which is so liberating – I feel the freedom to feel again."


" I think my stress response has been altered in that I am definitely more able to bring an awareness to stressful interactions which then enables me to respond more consciously and carefully. This has reduced my overall experience of stress. "


Contact us to book your place.


What to bring

Tea, coffee and simple snacks will be provided. Dress in comfortable, warm clothing. Bring a cushion, a blanket and a yoga mat if you have one. We do have some mats available.